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Photo of a table at Barley and Rye Bistro
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Welcome to the FARM-TO-TABLE Dining Experience...

The majority of meats and produce used by Barley & Rye come from farmers in the Quad Cities and the surrounding area.  As a result we are supporting the local community and only the freshest ingredients end up on your plate!

We are proud to work with these Farmers and Providers:

  • Stashu's
  • Oak Hill Acres
  • Winter's Bison
  • Potatoes and Mohr
  • Bailey's American Waygu 
  • Grossman Meats
  • Friday's Fresh Market
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tea
  • Baar Potatoes 
  • Brandi's Veggies
  • Dead Poet's Espresso
  • Prarie Grass Lamb
  • Iowa Grass Run Farms
  • Cinnamon Ridge Farms
  • Rochholz Poultry
  • Brazy Creek Farm
  • Frisian Farms
  • Happy Hallow U-Pick
  • Triple Creek Dairy
  • Ineichen's Tomatoes
  • Holly Gene Greens
  • Mushroom Mills
  • Craver's Little Red Barn
  • Heilman Hawkeye Acres
  • Sitka Salmon